Lessons from the independent magazine scene

26/02/2013 — 2 Comments

Lessons from the independent magazine scene

Update |This webinar is now available on-demand from the webinar area of the InPublishing website.

In almost exactly a week (Tuesday 5th March, 2.30pm GMT) I will be wrapping up a webinar: A New Golden Age of Print? Lessons from the independent magazine scene. I have to say I’m really pretty excited. I’ve done dozens of webinars, but the vast majority as a moderator on scientific subjects that I could never hope to master – Capillary Electrophoresis anyone.

This one, InPublishing’s first ever, is about magazines, and while the independent magazine scene can be pretty anoraky, I get it. More importantly, this presentation is really not about independent magazine, it’s about the lessons that I think mainstream publishers can learn from the passionate, networked, quality-driven ethos of their less corporate counterparts.

While everyone over at the Publishing & Media Expo this week is wondering how to breathe life into flattened print revenues and talking themselves hoarse about digital, the independent magazine scene is quietly blossoming. The independents have rediscovered the printed magazine as an “Object of Desire”, and developed paid-for products built on passion with high production values using social media and ecommerce to build audience and revenue.

Titles like Little White Lies, Anorak, Fire and Knives and newcomers Offscreen and Hot Rum Cow are going from strength to strength building meaningful audiences in narrow lifestyle niches. And for half an hour next Tuesday afternoon, I want to explore how commercial publishers, even B2B publishers, can learn valuable lessons from a sector of the magazine market where commercial success is a welcome by product rather than a prime mover.

I’ll be talking about how:

  • Value creates value

  • Quality content creates community

  • Digital enables print

  • Print punches above its weight

I hope you can join us for A New Golden Age of Print? Lessons from the independent magazine scene. In the best crossmedia style, the webinar is a precursor to a feature article that I am writing for InPublishing’s April issue. I would love your feedback. And I promise not to mention Capillary Electrophoresis once.

2 responses to Lessons from the independent magazine scene

  1. Peter, to keep it simple: fantastic presentation.

    Having been in the industry for over 20 years and seen the changes on the independent publishing front for over 15 years, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said.

    It is still the beginning of niche titles and the future is strong. As someone said to me in 1998, it’s not about the quantity of reader – it’s the quality of reader. This couldn’t be more true today.

  2. I wasn’t present, Peter, but from what I’ve read you have it pretty spot on. There’s huge excitement in the independent sector and it is the passion and not income that drives this. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to suit many stakeholders, but it is how to create a wonderful business in any industry, that so often will cross over into financial success.

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